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Instrument control panels facias

Instrument control panels facias
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Identitag manufactures a comprehensive range of rack panels and control mimic panels for a wide range of sectors. With a highly-skilled team, using state of the art CAD/CAM software, C.N.C. machines and direct printing technologies. Identitag can deliver a first-class service to the panel building industry.

  • Manufactured in materials such as Anodised Aluminium, Traffolyte, Polycarbonate, Stainless steel, Acrylic and Aluminium Composite.
  • Are machined precisely to the client's expectations. including holes, slots, milling, countersunk & counterbored holes and tapping. 
  • C.N.C. machined for your crucial components will fit well with a burr and scratch-free surface. 
  • Can incorporate graphics such as company logos and diagrams.
  • Rotary engraved, CO2 and Fibre engraved or direct printed.
  • All our rack/control mimics are manufactured in-house in a range of thicknesses.
  • Built to last, even in incredibly harsh environments

Call on 01740 621175 to discuss the details or email us with your drawings to sales@identitag.co.uk
Anodised Aluminium THICKNESS (IN STOCK)
1.0 mm   Silver only
1.5 mm   Silver and Black
2.0 mm   Silver
3.0 mm   Silver and Black

Traffolyte, Formica, Abet  (IN STOCK)
1.5mm 12 colours + brushed silver 
3.0mm 12 colours + brushed silver 

Clear Polycarbonate (IN STOCK)
1.0mm Clear
1.5mm Clear
2.0mm Clear
3.0mm Clear
5.0mm Clear

Stainless steel 316L (IN STOCK)
0.9mm 316 DP1
1.2mm 316 DP1
1.5mm 316 DP1
2.0mm 316 DP1
3.0mm 316 DP1

Clear Acrylic (IN STOCK)
1.8mm Clear
2.0mm Clear
3.0mm Clear
5.0mm Clear, White, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Black 

PVdF Pre-Coated Aluminium (IN STOCK)
1.5mm White RAL 9010 
2.0mm White RAL 9010 

Aluminium Composite (IN STOCK)
2mm White RAL 9010
3mm White RAL 9010
6mm White RAL 9010



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