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Pet tags are one of the best ways to ensure a safe return of your pet, may it be a dog, cat or even a bird of prey.  Produced in 120 combinations of durable brass & tough light plastic in various sizes & shapes to suit your pet's requirements.

The tags can be engraved on one or both sides with  your pet's details.  They are then inlayed with black to produce black lettering and then highly polished.

Produced & posted back to you within 2-3 days UK and 6-8 days USA

Round Bone Diamond
38mm Large 54 x 31mm Medium 29 x 36mm Medium
33mm Medium 43 x 25mm Small 24 x 30mm Small
Small 27mm 37 x 22mm Mini 22 x 25mm Mini
Mini 20mm
Ultra mini 15mm

Heart Oval Octagonal
31 x 33mm Medium 37 x 31mm Medium 33mm Medium
26 x 28mm Small 30 x 25mm Small 27mm Small
22 x 20mm Mini 23 x 19mm Mini 20mm Mini


Collar Tags

Large  to fit 1" or 25mm  Collar
Medium to fit 3/4" or 19mm Collar
Small to fit 5/8" or 15mm Collar




    UK Orders
  USA Orders


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